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Mehar Singh Aujla

March 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Mehar Singh Aujla the greatest Aujla to walk the earth, a loving husband, father and amazing grandfather passed away on March 15, 2011. At first it was hard to believe he is no longer around us, it was the hardest thing to deal with. He was a great man and like all Greats, he lived a fulfilling life that spanned four continents.  From Asia to  Africa  to Europe and North America, his wisdom was un-parallel. His highly intellectually superior brain allowed him to live life with an open mind, a mind that saw all humans as equal but most importantly he will always be remembered for his Heart, a Heart that only knew how to Love. 

His favorite place to sit and look out the window

Thinking about his wonderful life makes it a bit easier but thinking of him not being around still makes the heart so heavy.  I can’t help but to shed tears, I try to stop them but they just keep coming, I fight to stop crying but the pain forces the tears to run down my cheeks.

The way Mehar Singh Aujla lived his life was nothing short of inspirational – and from that, we can all learn something, he has left behind a part of him in all Aujla’s around the world.  I am not alone to think he was kind and caring but disciplined, and simple, yet insightful. He aspired to live to his God-given potential, and had the constitution, dedication, and persistence to allow his values to drive each and every choice he made but when push came to shove, his Love for the family lived above everything else. From the time I can remember, he thaught us to walk, read, write and respect, he believed in forgiveness and its redeeming power and never really cared about what the world would say or think.   

His daily ritual was something he took utmost pride in – as he welcomed each day with his signature smile – which even on my worst days, brought me happiness.  He raised his nieces and nephewes as his own children.

Ted Kennedy once said “The passage of time never really heals the tragic memory of such a great loss, but we carry on, because we have to, because our loved one would want us to, and because there is still light to guide us in the world from the love they gave us”.

We live on. What powerful words. We carry on with his teachings of living a simple yet disciplined life. We carry on with his most positive outlook on life and his innocent joie de vivre that brought smiles to everyone he met, from the servants to grandkids, he touched each and every one of us. We carry on because in the course of our lives, we must. As hard as it is, he would want us to remember the full life he lived; he would want us to believe and have faith that everything will be okay.

He was a self-made man who gave so much to the world and his family, how he lived his life should inspire all of us and give us the strength which we need to move forward with.

I have created this private network for the legacy of Mehar Singh Aujla; this is a place for All of us to remember him and to share the stories of our lives. Through all of us “Big Papa” will live forever.